3D Digital Environments

3D digital Environment, Troppo Design

Dedicated group of designers and builders of 3D Digital Environments, using and testing the latest techniques, creating on opensource 3D platform.

The Troppo Team is a dedicated group of designers, and builders, of 3D Digital Environments. The 3D Digital environments, have many great uses, with lots of different purposes! Go and view their website, just to have a look, and get a feel of the great projects, they have already worked on. Continue reading

RoundYard Rocking Horses

medium rocking horse with brown mane

RoundYard Rocking Horses is a family owned business in CQ, Australia, creating rocking horses for great childhood memory’s.

At RoundYard Rocking Horses, they create hand crafted timber rocking horses. Each horse is fitted with genuine real horses hair mane and tail, 100% leather strapping and saddles, plus quality pins and conchos in either brass or nickel. Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my first post. I will now start blogging!

I am using WordPress and have added there apps to my nexus 7 and htc phone, I will be getting my nexus 4 smart phone any day now, so will be adding the app asap, just so easy then to post an article, add a page or edit, where ever I am. I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I hope I do.